Fortunately, the probability of swimming with whale sharks on your first trip is a success rate of around 95% from the end of March to the end of July each year.

 If you plan to come outside the high season, whale sharks usually arrive in early March, and whale sharks usually move around Exmouth until August and mostly catch of the year. Our trip ended on the last day of September, but the whale shark is known to be here in October.

 It’s not that you come late for years and leave early. Several years have passed since whale sharks disappeared in late July. However, this is a non-standard exception.

 So when it comes back to you, what do you like and what are your holiday plans?

Two very special events of this period are enthusiastic about the relative safety of baby turtles and water incubation in coral reefs (different each year) produced in the Ningaloo Reef each year and in Cape beach nests. Inside Ningaloo Reef (If you go out in the late afternoon or early morning, you will often see a new burst of life along Ningaloo.) Early mornings and evenings are ideal for walking through the valley and doing outdoor activities during the noon sun. Relax on the beach in the shadow of an umbrella, lie down by the pool or read a nice book on the comfort of air conditioning.

The quietest time during peak Ningaloo Reef in Whale Sharks is from May to mid-May, so it’s a good time to visit Ningaloo if you don’t have many boats. As the weather gets colder, there is more time to see what Cape Range, Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay and Exmouth National Park have to offer.

 In late May and June, the Big 3’s reach 2 and 3 with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef. The maritime manta ship arrives to board the strange and strange manta ship of the reef itself. And the first of the humpback whales started moving to Kimberley’s delivery at the last minute. Whale sharks often include whale sharks and a manta ray swimming from late May to August, and whale sharks can see awesome whale surface markings (full fractures, tail trimming, boar breaches, etc.). ). You will also snorkel the Ningaloo Reef!

 Holidays in April and July are traditionally very busy. It’s still a good time to visit, but the city is far from the border because it takes a long time to wait for service in the shops. It is a good idea to book meals in restaurants and cafes.

 Many locals see July as the best month to live and work in Ningaloo. Ning Gallu is visible in fine weather, great marine life, and whale shark trips, except when the weather is good.

 The weather in August is usually beautiful. On August 1, there is also a banner that marks the start of a humpback whale swimming journey. Reverse whales, whale sharks, and manta ships can swim until whale sharks disappear when they visit Exmouth. Also, did you mention you can dive in at the Ningaloo Reef World Heritage Site?

 September provides warm weather and is ideal for avoiding winter in the south. Swimming and whale trips will follow and you will be swimming with whale sharks in the coming years!

 When you say whale sharks left Ningaloo, not all whale sharks leave Ningaloo. There is a strong theory that Ningaloo whale sharks can be permanent residents, but many of them are there until the end of the whale shark season Ningaloo.

 Therefore, even if most whale sharks disappear and disappear before the date you booked your trip, they will automatically upgrade to a humpback whale swimming trip. Here you can swim with whale sharks. Tour also.

 Every time you visit Ningaloo, this is a great place to explore and allows visitors an intimate encounter with the coldest marine life on the planet.

Best Time To Swim With Whale Sharks